iPhone 4 – 720p HD Video Tested

Like every iPhone release, Apple’s latest entry has created quite a stir. In fact, from the very moment a prototype was misplaced in a bar this new iPhone has enjoyed a spotlight laced with leak-fueled intrigue on top of the usual “what will be released?” speculation.

Not all of the attention is favorable, especially with reports of antenna issues with some units when held left-handed, and Steve Jobs/Apple’s response. On top of it all, Google’s Android OS is enjoying increased prominence as well, with the high demand for the Evo 4G, and the release of the Droid X. Things are certainly heating up in the smartphone race, and it’s exciting to watch.

Dee was kind enough to get me an iPhone 4 as a combination Father’s Day/birthday gift, and I’ve been pretty impressed with it thus far. I decided to take the improved 720p HD video recording (and editing) aspect of the phone for a spin, and here is the result. All video was shot in camera, edited, and then uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube.

Note: I uploaded this video to both services as a means to test out each one for videos such as these. You’ll need to click through to watch in full HD.

Take a look:


Watch in HD on Vimeo


Watch in HD on YouTube

What do you think? Did you pick up an iPhone 4? What’s your take of its video capability?

p.s. Special thanks to Amelie, for being a willing (and adorable) subject. I imagine there will be more videos like these in our future.