One Year Ago Today…

I'm joining Meebo

I made a change. The product I took on, at the time, was called “check-ins,” and it was largely about site loyalty, VIP, and a quest platform. In under a year, we've completely re-invented and are working hard on building an interest graph. I work with amazing people, I enjoy every minute of it, and I can't believe I'm at the 1 year mark already. Outstanding.

I've got a deeper post brewing about what I've been up to, and the evolution of a product over time. Right now, it's off to work. Here's a few snapshots of what greeted me when my offer arrived. It sort of shows the kind of thought that goes into things over here.

Welcome brownies

Brownies! Everyone gets greeted with baked goods, and these were delicious.

It's the personal details that count

The bike map, personalized card, and various tips and notes about Mt. View, etc. were not only helpful, but thoughtful. The team knew how much I love biking, and added a little extra care to help make me feel welcome.


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